Melee weapons are a type of weapon in Zealous Fighter. They use quick, short ranged slashes, smashes, and thrusts. They usually do more damage than ranged weapons, but have longer chain moves.

The following melee weapons are

Fine SwordEdit

A sword that isn't too long or short and based off of a broadsword. Capable of blocking and countering although it has a mediocre damage output. Has no special aesthetic characteristics.

Fine Twin SwordsEdit

A weapon that is similar to the Fine Sword but instead dual wielded. Not capable of blocking or countering and suits playstyles that involve getting close to enemies and just rushing through them. Has slightly above mediocre damage output.

Fine HammerEdit

A weapon that has the same aesthetic as the weapons used by Templar(s) with the difference being that Templar(s) use the skill set of the enchanted club.. Has a shield and hammer capable of blocking and countering. The Fine Hammer has slightly lower damage output due to the slow combos.

Giant HammerEdit

As explained in the name it is a giant hammer. Capable of blocking with a weak counter the abilities mainly focus on pounding the ground and quick swings or continuous spin attacks.

Fine KatanaEdit

A weapon that was most likely based off of the Japanese Tachi. Despite being called a katana the curved aspect of the blade present in most katanas applies to around the last 10% of the blade itself in Zealous Fighters. Capable of blocking and countering the Fine Katana is a good weapon to use against the bosses in Zealous Fighters like Noob Squadron Leader and John, Dominator of Darknes(DoD).

Enchanted ClubEdit

A support based weapon with a club and shield. Only capable of blocking and has the ability to heal every ally on the map including NPCs (amount restored depends on several factors). Has very low damage output due to a lack of offensive abilities and low damage base attack.

Dual ChainbladesEdit

A weapon based on flinging discs and pulling yourself or the enemy. Has a somewhat average but inconsistent damage output and is considered one of the worst weapons in the game as it is incapable of blocking/countering.Has good crowd control and is mainly used in PVP because of its long range aoe attack

Reaper ScytheEdit

A sickle with a little protrusion on the other side of the weapon. Capable of blocking and instant counter it has the highest damage output of all the weapons (TBD) with up to 3 million damage in 60 seconds.